Thursday, February 9, 2017

Judy Boksner Testimonial

Submitted by: Margie Royster & Judy Boksner

It’s always very humbling when someone that you have been working with for a while just has the need to put their “thanks you’s”  into words. That’s what Judy Boksner has done here.  Her offer to say something on our behalf came out of the blue. Yes, it was embarrassing and yes, I do blush easily.

It is very easy to like Judy and just as easy to relate to her crisis being a mother of three, now grown children, myself.  And, I still remember those days when my safety nets and best laid plans just seem to unravel before my eyes each day. Maybe that’s why I do what I do. I really enjoy getting involved in a childcare challenge and get excited when a “her” issue becomes an “our” issue.  I love hearing one of my mom’s use the “we” word….   

As for Judy, it’s my turn to thank you!  I sincerely treasure your appreciation.


My name is Judy Boksner and I am a single parent and school teacher/literacy specialist, that has truly benefited from the service Nannies as Needed. Anyone that knows me well, knows how honest I am, so let me tell you about my experience with this service. This service exceeded all my expectations. I have truly never dealt with a business owner that truly makes her client feel so important and cared for. I called Margie on the day after I needed to let go of my nanny. I felt as if my world was collapsing. How would I, a single mom , raising her children , be able to survive without child-care? Within one day, Margie was able to find a few great sitters to work for my family. I couldn't believe how quickly she was able to come up with so many great potentials. It is truly brilliant how she acquaints you with a few good people rather than just one. It ensures quality childcare and means you always have a back- up person ready to pitch in and help. The morning service was amazing . Each day I went to work with a clear mind. I no longer felt alone and scared. I felt truly supported. My sons were well fed and taken care of . Breakfast was always well prepared, lunches were always packed and ready. The two sitters she rotated got to know my kids and their likes and dislikes so well. They were always so caring and nice to my boys. The boys were driven to school. Margie is truly so skilled in her craft. She is able to match you with a good fit for your family’s needs and her standards are very high. She won't just send anyone to your house. She knows her sitters super well and they love her as well. It's say a lot about how she run her business. I would truly recommend this service to all parents. I will be forever grateful to Margie for all she has done for my family

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Friday, February 3, 2017

CPR Rescue

Submitted by:  Jillian Valle

On Wednesday, January 18th 2017, Nannies As Needed sitter, Jillian Valle performed CPR on an unconscious person during a sporting event. “I did not know if he had a specific condition or any of his medical history. I just saw him go down in slow motion and I simply reacted to help assist his fall. I eased him into a flat position on the floor and proceeded to check his vitals. The man’s pulse was very difficult to find. I found myself immediately reacting. I began to administer CPR at the same time calling out for someone to reach 911.”

Once beginning CPR, it is important to continue chest compressions until paramedics can take over unless the subject has begun breathing on their own. "It was a terrifying and humbling experience. I don't think I really started to appreciate virtually every breath I take until after this event. I didn't know if I was hurting him or if I would damage his sternum, I just used what I was taught. I am so thankful I was able to help. I only hope that in sharing this experience, I can motivate at least one person to get their CPR certification."

Once the paramedics arrived, they gratefully thanked Jillian for her composure and quick reaction.  Valle reflects that while it is instinctive to go into a state of panic, there are critical steps that you have to take if you notice an emergency such as this unfolding. Contacting medical professionals such as 911 immediately is vitally important, regardless of the level of medical training that you may have. Basic CPR training is an incredible tool to have in your tool box especially when working with children!

Jillian acknowledges that “There is no way I would have been able to help this man had I not had basic CPR and First Aid training through The American Red Cross Association.” Valle hopes to encourage fellow sitters and parents to become CPR and First Aid Certified because like her, you just don’t know when you may be the only one there who can save that life. She concludes "Walking into the sports center that day, I never imagined I would ever need to use the skills I was taught in my CPR training class, but I now that I have, I feel more confident and prepared than ever in the face of an emergency".

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Here We Go!

Welcome to the Official launch of the Nannies As Needed Blog! I am Margie Royster, founder and proud owner operator of this, my pride and joy, for over 14 years. Before that, I operated a child care center out of my home in Easton for yet another 14 years!  Some of those “only a mother could appreciate” type children sagas will probably will end up here, sooner or later. But wait, there’s more than just me! I work with a great team that you will undoubtedly get to know over time in this space.  There’s Alisha - Financial Manager, Paige - Social Media Specialist, Jillian - Operations Manager, and Ellen, our HR Manager.  Last, and definitely least, is Bob, our Marketing Manager, who refuses to be photographed.  We have him here just to balance out our compliance numbers and to make the rest of us look good!  

What will you find here? Just about anything related to childcare, your children and the people you entrust your children to (that’s us!). Many of our posts on Facebook will be further elaborated on here such as sitter and staff profiles, news events, lessons learned over the years and things that will just hopefully make your parenting lives a bit easier. 

Are you ready?  Here we go!


Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: Closed

Office Numbers:

Main: (203) 874-4939 or (860) 992-3280
After Hours Priority Line: 203-451-3276

Nannies As Needed LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Employment Contractors - Temporary Help in Milford CT Facebook